Many of the contributions come from a growing movement known as “Mumpreneurs,” which refers to mothers who run their own businesses. With this in mind, the main objective of this project is to train the adult education trainers and prepare them to support professionally inactive mothers, who want to improve both their personal development and develop entrepreneurial mindsets.

As a result of the training, mothers will not only improve their employability but also reinforce their participation in civic and social life. (European council recommendations on key competences for life-long learning 2018). According to research, mothers face many challenges such as concerns about childcare, financial issues, maternity discrimination at work, work-family balance, lack of education etc) that impede their return to work after the end of their maternity leave.

Mothers facing a combination of barriers i.e single mothers, migrants, low income, victims of domestic abuse, mothers with disabilities, and social needs, encounter even more challenges such as discrimination, social exclusion, and acculturation. The project initiative arose from the participating partners organization identification of a substantial gap in training for trainers, on how to adequately support mothers seeking to develop their entrepreneurial skills, knowledge, and awareness.

Two of the partner organisations focus specifically on gender issues and have extensive knowledge and expertise on the current needs of mothers as well as gaps in VET training on best practices and methods of supporting vulnerable mothers.


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