PR1: Let me be your role model: a compilation of mumpreneur success stories: a success stories booklet/eBooklet featuring successful mumpreneurs from all over Europe. The booklet will be accompanied by a documentary created by direct communication with these accomplished women, who will be followed in their daily lives, beginning at home and ending with their daily activities. To have a full instructional tool that reacts to all types of learners, the booklet and documentary must be combined.

PR2: Entrepreneurship skills development manual for unemployed mothers: a manual for adult educators to use when teaching entrepreneurship skills to mothers who are unemployed.

PR3: IO3: Voice of mumpreneurs: how to develop self-advocacy skills in the frame of entrepreneurial spirit: guidance material to help mothers acquire important self-advocacy skills needed for startuppers

PR4: MumPower eLearning platform: a digital platform that will be used as an educational tool and an online network to connect mothers and all interested stakeholders in Mumbreneurship.

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